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Here at Polaris Dental Care, we pride ourselves on providing custom, quality orthodontia. We know that a perfect smile is more than just a confidence boost, it also positively affects your oral hygiene. That’s why our team is dedicated to helping patients achieve a straight, healthy smile that they’ll love.

Orthodontics is a specialty that involves the aligning of your teeth, jaw and bite. The most common orthodontic treatments use dental appliances, such as braces, retainers and aligners.

The Benefits Of Orthodontia

If you’re looking for quality orthodontic care in Westerville, Grandview or South Vienna, look no further. Our orthodontia offers a variety of benefits depending on your treatment of choice. Our most common treatments, like Invisalign and traditional braces, can:

  • Perfectly align your smile – By using orthodontia to treat any crooked or misaligned teeth, you’ll notice a straighter, more attractive smile in a matter of months. This will help your self-confidence immensely and hopefully encourages you to smile more.
  • Correct bite/jaw alignment – Our orthodontic options are useful for patients with a severe overbite or underbite. These problems change your facial shape for the worse and can lead to other issues like TMJ disorders or teeth grinding. By correcting your bite alignment, your jaw will shift into a more natural position and strengthen your smile.
  • Improve oral hygiene – Any irregularity to your smile can make it harder to clean. Food can get caught in unusual places, making brushing and flossing more difficult. This puts you at risk for periodontal disease and increases the chance of tooth decay. By straightening your teeth, you’ll have a much easier time maintaining your oral hygiene.

Orthodontic Options

Metal and Ceramic Braces

Braces straighten your smile with wires and metal or ceramic brackets that are cemented to the front of your teeth. As the treatment progresses, the wires are gradually tightened to shift the teeth into a well-aligned position. Both adults and kids can be treated with braces. Metal brackets are the least expensive type but can be uncomfortable and very noticeable. Ceramic brackets are a bit more expensive but the tooth-colored brackets blend in with your natural teeth. There may still be some discomfort along with some food restrictions.

Adolescent children are at the ideal age to receive braces. They have all their adult teeth, but their mouths are still developing. By wearing braces as a child, the treatment is more likely to stick in the long-term. But having a perfectly aligned smile is important regardless of your age, which is why we offer braces for adults, too.


Invisalign® treatments use clear, removable aligners to straighten your teeth. As the aligners are nearly invisible, it is often the preferred orthodontic treatment for adults. A mold is taken of your teeth and sent to a lab to create customized, clear sets of aligners just for you. These must be worn for 22 hours per day, and are generally only removed when eating and brushing your teeth. Every two weeks, you’ll swap your current set of aligners for new ones, and see your dentist every 6 weeks to ensure your treatment is progressing. This type of treatment is comparable to traditional braces in terms of cost, but is also the most comfortable and discrete of all the orthodontic treatments.

Invisalign Clear Braces Provider


Retainers are worn after your braces are removed, but they are a critical part of orthodontic treatment. These simple prosthetics help your teeth stay aligned and prevents them from shifting. Retainers are made of either plastic or metal and restrict the teeth from moving. Depending on your individual case, your retainer can be removable or fixed and worn for both lower and upper teeth. It’s important to wear retainers as recommended, otherwise you’ll risk your smile reverting to its original position.

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