Invisalign, Braces & Retainers

Oral HealthOrthodontics specializes in the shape and development of your teeth and jaws, focusing on the proper alignment of your teeth as well as your bite. The most common orthodontic treatments involve devices that help straighten your teeth or fix your bite, such as braces and retainers.

Invisalign® in Columbus, Ohio

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Invisalign® treatments use clear, removable aligners to straighten your teeth. A mold is taken of your teeth and sent to a lab to get your customized, clear aligners that you wear most of the day except when eating and brushing your teeth. Every two weeks a new set of aligners will be sent to you until your treatment is completed. This type of treatment is more expensive, but it is also the most comfortable and unnoticeable of all the treatments.
Invisalign Clear Braces Provider

Metal & Ceramic Braces

Braces are used to straighten your teeth using metal or ceramic brackets cemented to your teeth, that are tightened through wires during the course of the treatment. Both adults and kids can be treated with braces. Metal braces are the least expensive type but can be uncomfortable and noticeable. Ceramic braces are a bit more expensive as the tooth-colored brackets help blend in with your natural teeth. However, there can still be some discomfort and some types of foods that you can’t consume while wearing these types of braces.

Retainers for Your Teeth

Retainers are usually worn after the completion of your braces treatment, to prevent your teeth from shifting back to a misaligned position. Retainers consist of a plastic and metal device that helps “retain” your teeth in their proper position. Retainers can be worn for both lower and upper teeth and can be removable or fixed depending on each individual’s case. It is strongly recommended to keep wearing your retainers for the length of your treatment to prevent your teeth from getting misaligned.

Want Straight Teeth?

Your doctor can go over the different orthodontic treatments they offer that can help you restore the beauty to your smile. We have three locations for your convenience: Columbus (near Westerville on Polaris Parkway), Grandview (Downtown Columbus), and South Vienna (convenient to Springfield and London). Call us to schedule an appointment today!

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