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4 Huge Benefits Of High Quality, Hybrid Dentures

Whether you’ve had partial or full dentures for years, or you’ve just begun looking into your options for dentures after losing multiple teeth, it’s important to understand the benefits of investing in high-quality hybrid dentures. While there are many options available for dentures, a set of hybrid dentures, such as All-on-4, is one of the […]

Sedation Dentistry – Relieving Dental Anxiety In London And Springfield

Dental anxiety is a very common problem. According to the ADA, at least 15% of all American adults suffer from some kind of dental anxiety. In minor cases, this may mean you simply do not look forward to a dental visit. However, more extreme cases of dental anxiety can cause patients to skip regular checkups […]

Is This The Year You Get Dental Implants? 3 Reasons To Get Them Now!

Dental implants are a wonderful way to restore your smile if you are missing one or more teeth. Led by Dr. Irfan Khan, the teams at Polaris Dental Care serve Grandview, London, and Columbus at three convenient locations. Wherever you are in and around Columbus, you can get the dental implants you need to get […]

National Children’s Dental Health Month answer key

The National Children’s Dental Health Month is coming, and that means we’ll be visiting some preschool and elementary schools in the city.  Here is the National Children’s Dental Health Month answer sheet. Brushing Why should you brush? How often should you brush? Brushing removes the germs and “bugs” that can cause cavities. Brush two times a day, […]

When Should My Child Have Their Wisdom Teeth Removed?

If your child is complaining of jaw pain, or has begun to feel the eruptions of wisdom teeth, they may need their wisdom teeth removed. But there’s no need to worry! Polaris Dental Care has you covered. The winter holidays are the perfect time to schedule a tooth extraction. Your child won’t miss school and will […]

How to Cure Dental Implants in Columbus, OH?

After you get your dental implants surgery, the recovery times may vary from person to person. It can depend on not just the person, but also on the teeth and dental aesthetics involved, and the way that you handle the surgery and the way of recovery. In almost all the cases for dental implants, your […]

Why should you choose bone grafting in Columbus?

A bone graft is a surgery type of process which is utilized to mend issues which are related to bones and joints. This procedure is also called transplanting of bone tissue and is of use in repairing bones which have suffered from some trauma or another or there exist issues in joints. Bone graft also […]

Is a filling the same as a root canal in Columbus?

A root canal is a natural cavity within the center of the tooth which has a soft pulp chamber housing your tooth’s nerve. The root canal dentists perform the root canal or the endodontic procedures to save the teeth that are badly decayed by removing the pulp and nerves and then sealing the cleaned area.