5 Dental Signs That Your Child Is Not Brushing

Many children love brushing their teeth themselves after a certain age. But being parents it’s your duty to keep a check if they’re doing it in the right way. This will prevent them from developing various dental problems and help to maintain oral hygiene.

Here, are 5 dental signs that prove that your child is not brushing. Follow them and see if it’s true or not. To know more, read on –

  1. Is your child not spending enough time in brushing?

Dentists recommend that brushing teeth twice a day for atleast 2 minutes is important for proper dental health.Many children think that they’re brushing for a long time but actually, that’s not the case. See if your child is following the procedure and brushing accordingly.

  1. Is your child’s toothbrush dry even after he has finished brushing?

Now, this is something serious.After your child finishes brushing his/her teeth, tell them to bring it to you so that you can check for yourself. You can also do so by yourself. Make sure you check it before the toothbrush has got enough time to dry out.

  1. Do you find food particles on or in between your child’s teeth?

When your child comes and tells you that he’s finished brushing, ask him to smile and check if there are any food particles stuck on or in between his teeth. If you do, then tell him to rush to the bathroom and brush again.

  1. Is your child’s tongue white after brushing?

Does your child’s tongue appear white instead of pink? If yes, then he/she is definitely not cleaning their tongue while brushing. White tongue shows sign of bacteria within the mouth.

  1. Does your child have a cavity?

As recommended take you child for a dental check-up to a Pediatric dentist to be sure that your child’s dental health is perfect. If the doctor finds out signs of cavities or gingivitis, then certainly your child’s not brushing properly. These dental problems are the first stage of gum disease, thus, if not treated sooner might result to a worse condition.

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