6 Dental Cleaning Facts – Recommended By Our Columbus Dentist

If you’re due for a dental cleaning, you may be wondering why you need a dentist to brush your teeth for you. After all, you brush and floss on schedule most of the time; why go through the extra hassle, effort and expense of getting a dentist to clean your teeth?

That’s a great question – and one that has at least 6 answers, the first of which is…

  1. Prevent Cavities

Getting your teeth cleaned on time will minimize plaque and tartar buildup on your teeth. This, in turn, will minimize the risk of cavities. This is the first – and perhaps most important – that a professional dental cleaning does for you.

  1. Stop Tooth Loss

Plaque build-up results in cavities and various gum diseases. The first attack your teeth directly; the latter weaken the soft tissues holding your teeth in place. Both result in missing or diseased teeth – and both are prevented by getting a dentist to regularly clean your teeth for you.

  1. A Whiter Smile

Over time, calcified plaque and food particles affect the color of your teeth, covering the white enamel with a film that makes teeth look yellow and dull. Teeth cleanings prevent this.

  1. Fresher Breath

Bad breath (halitosis) is caused by bits of food getting stuck in your mouth – and bacteria processing those bits. Getting your teeth cleaned gets rid of both the bacteria and the food remains, giving you fresh, borderline-minty breath.

  1. Improve Overall Health

People often think of the mouth as something separate from the rest of the body – but this is not the case. Healthy teeth, gums and mouth bacteria mean a healthier you. In this sense, dental care is really just good healthcare! Especially when you consider that a dentist is usually the first person to warn you of, and help you fight, oral cancer as well as benign tumors.

  1. Save Money

With a great dentist, you’ll be able to avoid getting implants, inlays, onlays crowns and bridges. In fact, you’ll keep your original set of teeth in great shape – and save a boatload on dental care and prosthetics!

As you can see, dental cleanings done by a professional doctor can do at least 6 things for you. If you haven’t had one in over 3 months, consider signing up for a cleaning right now to make sure your smile stays fresh, beautiful and healthy!