Am I Too Old For Braces?

Am I too old for braces?

Chances are, no.  If you want straighter teeth we can help you!  We offer comprehensive orthodontics as well as 6 Month Braces.

Whoa, wait… 6 month braces?  You mean I don’t need to wear them for 2 years?

For some people, this is a real possibility.  Understand, there still are many times full comprehensive 18-24 month orthodontics is required… as in children and patients with significant bite errors.  For others, if cosmetics is the main concern, look into 6 Month Braces.

Its not available for everyone, but for many people Short Term Orthodontics (STO, or cosmetic straightening) is an excellent option.   Usually, we use white brackets that look much better than metal ones so its much harder to even see them!  You must have a healthy mouth before this treatment can begin, so schedule a checkup first and learn more about it!

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