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How to Cure Dental Implants in Columbus, OH?

After you get your dental implants surgery, the recovery times may vary from person to person. It can depend on not just the person, but also on the teeth and dental aesthetics involved, and the way that you handle the surgery and the way of recovery. In almost all the cases for dental implants, your […]

Why should you choose bone grafting in Columbus?

A bone graft is a surgery type of process which is utilized to mend issues which are related to bones and joints. This procedure is also called transplanting of bone tissue and is of use in repairing bones which have suffered from some trauma or another or there exist issues in joints. Bone graft also […]

Is a filling the same as a root canal in Columbus?

A root canal is a natural cavity within the center of the tooth which has a soft pulp chamber housing your tooth’s nerve. The root canal dentists perform the root canal or the endodontic procedures to save the teeth that are badly decayed by removing the pulp and nerves and then sealing the cleaned area.

Columbus OH Dentist | Make Flossing a 2017 Resolution

As we welcome 2017, the biggest task we encourage our patients at Polaris Dental Care to add to their new year’s resolution is daily flossing. One easy way to accomplish this is creating a place in your shower for your floss. Actually the shower is the best place to floss quickly without worrying about creating a […]

6 Dental Cleaning Facts – Recommended By Our Columbus Dentist

If you’re due for a dental cleaning, you may be wondering why you need a dentist to brush your teeth for you. After all, you brush and floss on schedule most of the time; why go through the extra hassle, effort and expense of getting a dentist to clean your teeth?


Oral health care should be given to children at a very early time even to babies who do not have their milk teeth yet. Dental experts encourage parents to provide oral care to their children from infancy especially when they already get their first milk tooth or as soon as they turn 1. This is […]


You can make a good impression last when you flash a beautiful smile. But what if you do not have a perfect set of teeth? What if they are not perfect? What if they are not aligned or are overcrowded or crooked? There are just so many things that can cause you to feel ashamed […]


Have you been religious about your dental visits, checkups and cleanings? When was the last time you did your teeth a favor and had a professional dental cleaning done? Has it been months or years, perhaps? You should know how important it is to have regular checkups and cleanings for your overall oral health because […]


Who would want to suffer from severe tooth loss due to tooth decay and cavities? No matter how much we try to protect our teeth from getting decayed, this is something that inevitably happens. But before this results to tooth loss, save your teeth here at Polaris Dental Care through our root canal treatment.