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There are myths and misunderstandings that people labor under when it comes to oral surgery. These misconceptions can injure people since they motivate them not to get crucial work done that could spare them a lot of discomfort and pain in addition to improve their total health. Here are the three most common misconceptions about […]

Serious Diseases You Can Get from Root Canal Infections

You might think that it will only be your mouth that can be affected with a root canal infection. But with years of research, this belief has been debunked over and over again. And it is now getting clearer how the care for root canal can actually impact an individual’s overall health.


At Polaris Dental Care, we are committed to making sure your oral health and smile are at its optimum shape, which is why we ensure you are provided with the highest quality of dental care and attention that you deserve while giving you the most comfortable and painless dental experience.


At Polaris Dental Care, we want to make sure good oral health reflects on the overall aesthetics of your smile which is why we are here to provide services that will help you enhance your smile to be brighter and whiter. Achieve that smile you have always wanted through our Teeth Whitening.

Use of Bone Graft in Dentistry

Our mouth, just like most parts of our body, is supported by bones. And when bones are concerned, there are procedures that may alter how we look physically. Today, bone graft in dentistry is becoming popular. But what is the importance and/or use of bone graft in dentistry?

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Dental anxiety is still one of the prevalent reasons why a lot of people are reluctant to make dentist appointments for oral procedures and treatments. This holds true for children and adults alike. Dental appointments are being delayed which result to poor oral health and greater problems and complications. This is because dental procedures are […]

Dental fillings Options for cavities

Sometimes, when a tooth is decayed, chipped or broken, you do not have to have it removed. You can seek other alternatives such as dental fillings. Dental fillings are meant to cover the gaps left when decay or accidents chips it away. You may also opt for dental fillings when aesthetics are important and this […]

5 Dental Signs That Your Child Is Not Brushing

Many children love brushing their teeth themselves after a certain age. But being parents it’s your duty to keep a check if they’re doing it in the right way. This will prevent them from developing various dental problems and help to maintain oral hygiene. Here, are 5 dental signs that prove that your child is […]

The Modern Orthodontist: The Necessary Requirements!

Your attitude towards life can be easily derived just from the way you smile! It does appear surprising to many, but it is absolutely true. Your smile serves a portal to delve into your personality and can make or break that perfect first impression! A stunning smile can radiate happiness and confidence and make you […]


The decade for cosmetic dentistry has made several breakthroughs. There has been advancement on several fronts, including new materials and technologies. The new wave of specialists ensures that procedures nowadays are less invasive and the Polaris Dental Care Clinic in Columbus OH makes sure that they treat the patients with utmost care. To a large […]