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What’s the deal with Wisdom Teeth?… part 2

Continued from part 1… “Will wisdom teeth make my teeth crooked?” The short answer is: we don’t know.  There hasn’t been 100% proof either way, so we cant tell you with 100% that they will lead to crowding, and at the same time we cant say with 100% certainty that they wont. “So, why do you take […]

What’s the deal with Wisdom Teeth?… part 1

Whats the deal with Wisdom Teeth?  “Do I need them?” “Why do they get taken out?” These are some pretty typical, and important questions.  We get asked this a LOT, and I can definitely understand why some patients have concerns about them. Wisdom teeth are your 3rd Molars… as in the 3rd set of permanent […]

Should you get a Sonicare?

Yes.  Philips doesn’t pay me a dime to promote their Sonicare toothbrush.  In fact, I don’t get paid to promote ANY product.  It would be great if they did because I love to push their product, but I won’t dive into the marketing and sales practices of a billion dollar company.  So why does this […]

Same Day Crowns!

This is amazing stuff.  Im a gadget freak and tech-nerd, so I’m VERY excited about getting this technology in our office!  This piece of tech lets us design and create ceramic crowns right here in our own office!  Its like we are bringing manufacturing jobs into our office! Ok, that might be a stretch ? […]

Am I Too Old For Braces?

Am I too old for braces? Chances are, no.  If you want straighter teeth we can help you!  We offer comprehensive orthodontics as well as 6 Month Braces. Whoa, wait… 6 month braces?  You mean I don’t need to wear them for 2 years? For some people, this is a real possibility.  Understand, there still […]