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National Children’s Dental Health Month answer key

    The National Children’s Dental Health Month is coming, and that means we’ll be visiting some preschool and elementary schools in the city.  Here is the National Children’s Dental Health Month answer sheet. Brushing Why should you brush? How often should you brush? Brushing removes the germs and “bugs” that can cause cavities. Brush two times […]


Oral health care should be given to children at a very early time even to babies who do not have their milk teeth yet. Dental experts encourage parents to provide oral care to their children from infancy especially when they already get their first milk tooth or as soon as they turn 1. This is […]

5 Dental Signs That Your Child Is Not Brushing

Many children love brushing their teeth themselves after a certain age. But being parents it’s your duty to keep a check if they’re doing it in the right way. This will prevent them from developing various dental problems and help to maintain oral hygiene. Here, are 5 dental signs that prove that your child is […]