National Children’s Dental Health Month answer key

Dental Hygienist infront of a group of children



The National Children’s Dental Health Month is coming, and that means we’ll be visiting some preschool and elementary schools in the city.  Here is the National Children’s Dental Health Month answer sheet.


Why should you brush? How often should you brush?

Brushing removes the germs and “bugs” that can cause cavities. Brush two times a day, for two minutes.


Why should you floss? How often should you floss?  

Flossing removes the rest of the food and plaque that gets caught between your teeth and can’t be removed by brushing alone. You should floss twice a day, when you brush.

Dental Visits

What happens at a check-up? How often should you see a dentist?

The dentist and hygienist will clean your teeth and check for cavities. You should visit them every six months.



What is a cavity? What happens if I get one? How do I prevent them?

Cavities are holes that are created by a buildup of sugar and “bugs.” If you get one, the dentist will clean it and fill it up so it doesn’t get bigger. Prevent them by brushing, flossing and avoiding foods that are high in sugar.


Healthy Snacking

What foods are good and bad for my teeth?

Healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables are much better for your teeth than candy and sugary snacks.



How many teeth do I have? When will I lose baby teeth?

Children have 20 baby teeth and typically lose them between ages 5 and 12.


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