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Dental anxiety is still one of the prevalent reasons why a lot of people are reluctant to make dentist appointments for oral procedures and treatments. This holds true for children and adults alike. Dental appointments are being delayed which result to poor oral health and greater problems and complications. This is because dental procedures are most of the time being associated with the feeling of pain and discomfort.

Fear no more because there is already a solution to this problem. Sedation dentistry could be the answer you need to make that dentist appointment happen.

Sedation Dentistry refers to the use of a class of drugs called Sedatives to calm a patient or put him/her to a relaxed state, almost like sleep, before and during a dental appointment. It enables the individuals who are afraid to go to the dentist to get the treatment they need while avoiding dental phobia. Sedatives focus on depressing the central nervous system to allow patients to feel relaxed, and have a safe and comfortable dental experience. For many patients, the effects of dental sedation lasts for around two to four hours.

What your dentist should know?

Before undergoing sedation, it is important to let your dentist know of the following information:

  • Any existing medical conditions for which you are being treated
  • Medications prescribed by your doctor
  • Vitamins, remedies or any over the counter medicines
  • Alternative or herbal supplements. It is important that your dentist know of these things as they may have mild interactions with oral sedatives
  • Food intake. Your dentist should know your diet and the type of food you are eating as there can be some food that has certain effect on sedation
  • Also let your dentist know of factors like drinking and smoking as they may also have an influence on the effectivity of the sedatives.

Sedation dentistry has become popular over the years because of the benefits it brings to both patients and the dentist. This is the only thing that allows people who have phobia of the dentist to get their treatment done and improve their oral health. The following are some of the important benefits that sedation dentistry provide:

  • Overcome fear and anxiety – patients who have phobia of going to the dentist normally delays their appointments thus delaying the treatment that their teeth needs. This will cause greater complications as the oral conditions that need immediate attention do not get treated right away. With dental sedation, the patient feels more relaxed and stress free during the procedure.
  • Absence of pain – with dental sedation, even patients who have low tolerance for pain will not be feeling any pain at all; they may even have little memory of the treatment that took place. If the patient is sedated, he/she may no longer need anaesthesia which will result to lesser fees. The patient will also be able to cooperate with the dentist more easily.
  • Longer procedure, lesser appointments – Undergoing sedation allows you to endure longer dental procedures without pain and discomfort. As a result, your dentist will be able to finish the necessary treatments and will not require you to keep on going back thus decreasing the number of visits required. This is also ideal for patients who are very busy and can hardly squeeze in dental visits into their tight schedule.
  • Save money – Dental sedation may actually require you to spend more on top of your dental treatment fees. However, dental sedation will allow you to get your treatments done with fewer visits and consequently result to less treatment expenses. In addition, it will also allow you to save time as you will no longer be needing a couple of dental visits.

Since sedation dentistry is becoming widely available, there should not be any reason to delay or to miss dental appointments anymore. You will no longer feel reluctant to achieve that perfect smile just because you are afraid to go through complicated dental procedures. Sedation can dentistry can make you feel comfortable during the treatment process without any pain. You will be able to receive the recommended care for your oral health. Schedule an appointment today and take advantage of that healthy smile that you truly deserve.

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