Should you get a Sonicare?


Philips doesn’t pay me a dime to promote their Sonicare toothbrush.  In fact, I don’t get paid to promote ANY product.  It would be great if they did because I love to push their product, but I won’t dive into the marketing and sales practices of a billion dollar company.  So why does this Columbus dentist push electric toothbrushes (namely the Sonicare) so much?  Its simple: they are awesome.

Heres the hard truth:  with your manual toothbrush you aren’t getting enough plaque and gunk off of your teeth!  Don’t take it personally, almost everyone has the same problem.  Your teeth have all kinds of grooves, concavities, convexities, and irregular shapes, and your gums create a nice hammock for plaque to hang out in.  I have a Doctorate degree in Dental Surgery, and even I cant get to ALL the plaque around my own teeth on a consistent basis in 2 minutes of manual brushing!

That’s why I use a Sonicare myself.  (Don’t believe me? Heres a picture of my own!)

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