What’s the deal with Wisdom Teeth?… part 2

Continued from part 1…

“Will wisdom teeth make my teeth crooked?”

The short answer is: we don’t know.  There hasn’t been 100% proof either way, so we cant tell you with 100% that they will lead to crowding, and at the same time we cant say with 100% certainty that they wont.

“So, why do you take them out? What’s the problem with leaving them alone?”

The thing with wisdom teeth during the teenage years is that we really cannot predict whether or not there will be a problem with them down the road.   We cant predict how the teeth with move, whether or not a gum infection will be a problem, whether or not food will get impacted leading to a cavity deep down the back side of the next molar, etc etc.   Sometimes they look like they will be just fine, but years down the road they head south.

What we DO know is that the younger you are, the more predictable and easier the procedure is; this leads to a faster recovery with much fewer complications.  When a wisdom tooth causes problems down the road later in life, the recovery is usually longer and complications are usually higher than if they were taken out sooner.

So there you have it. Isn’t it a little ironic that an article on wisdom teeth just confuses you even more?

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