Why should you choose bone grafting in Columbus?

A bone graft is a surgery type of process which is utilized to mend issues which are related to bones and joints. This procedure is also called transplanting of bone tissue and is of use in repairing bones which have suffered from some trauma or another or there exist issues in joints. Bone graft also comes in use when it comes to bone growing around an implanted device like a knee replacement. The bone graft also may help to cover up a gap or space where the bone is not present.

For that matter, the bone to be used in the bone graft can be obtained from within the patient’s body, another person who is willing to be the donor, or can be artificially manufactured. The bone graft can give an outer frame inside which bone tissue will grow if the environment around is conducive for such growth.

Which types of bone graft exist?

The first is an allograft in which bone from a dead person or a cadaver is used. This is usually obtained from a tissue bank. The second is an autograft in which the bone from inside the patient’s body is obtained. This could be from the ribs, hips, pelvis or wrist region.

What are the reasons for getting bone grafting done?

  • Bone grafting is a procedure taken on for some reasons. These are:
    A bone graft comes in use when a person has suffered from multiple or complex fractures.
  • Fusion due to bone graft can help in bone healing when there is a joint which is infected.
  • Regeneration of the bone tissue is done when bone is destroyed due to disease, injury or some infection. In such cases, one can make use of a minuscule quota of bone in bone cavities or large sections of bones.
  • A graft can be made use of to make the bone heal around implanted devices like joint replacements, plates or screws.

What are the problems associated with a bone graft?

Bone grafts come with their share of risks. The ones which are common between bone grafts and other surgical operations are bleeding, infection and anesthesia reactions. Other risks, which are more in these cases include pain, swelling, nerve injury, rejection of the bone graft, inflammation and reabsorption of the graft.

Give some more details regarding bone grafts

Bone is a tissue which has the capability of regenerating itself. All that is needed for this is some space as well as a support on which it can do so. Bone grafts can be autologous when the tissue comes from the other body tissues of the patient. Or as mentioned above, it can come from a dead person’s body. It can also be synthetically manufactured. The basis of a successful bone graft operation is osteoconduction – which is the reparative growth of the natural bone; osteoinduction – which is encouraging other cells to turn into bone cells; or osteogenesis – living bone cells in the graft material contribute to bone remodeling.

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