Cosmetic Tooth Bonding

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Long Lasting SmileBonding is a cosmetic procedure that repairs teeth that are discolored, cracked, chipped or misaligned. A composite resin is applied to your teeth and is then molded and shaped to match your natural teeth. This cosmetic procedure is very popular because it is very effective in improving your appearance, it is also the least expensive and least invasive of the restorative and cosmetic treatments, and can be done in a single short visit. Give cosmetic bonding a try if you want to have a confident, beautiful smile.

Bonding Procedure

  • Your doctor will examine your teeth to determine if bonding is the best restorative and cosmetic solution for you
  • The tooth or teeth that need the treatment are then thoroughly cleaned and prepared for the procedure
  • The surface of the tooth or teeth are scratched lightly to accommodate for the composite resin
  • A bonding agent is applied to the surface of the tooth or teeth
  • The composite resin is then placed and molded to fit the appearance of nearby teeth
  • A special light is used to cure and harden the resin
  • The teeth are then polished to complete the procedure and give the restoration the shine and look of natural teeth

Good oral hygiene is strongly recommended to maintain your cosmetic bonding, avoid using mouthwashes with alcohol as they can weaken the resin and damage the bonding. Chips, breaks, and stains can occur so be mindful of the types of foods and drinks you have, so your restorations are not affected.

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"I really appreciate the timely manner that I am seen in this office. The new equipment makes the experience as painless as possible and Dr Khan and his staff are very friendly and accommodating."