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Emergency Dental Care With Four Locations: Columbus, London-Springfield, Grandview and Dublin

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Providing Urgent Dental Care to Patients in Columbus, Westerville, Grandview, South Vienna (London / Springfield) and Dublin, OH

Having a dental injury or an infection can be very painful, and requires immediate assistance. At Polaris Dental Care, we know how crucial it is to address these emergencies right away, and we try to have you see one of our doctors as soon as possible. A broken tooth, a tooth infection or trauma or injury to the mouth or teeth can be considered emergencies, and you should visit your dentist as soon as possible.

What is an Emergency Exam?

  • Your doctor will examine you to assess the damage or find the cause of your pain (broken tooth, infection, injury, etc.)
  • X-rays might be ordered to see the full extent of the damage and consider options for treatment
  • The area affected will be cleaned and prepped for treatment
  • Local anesthetic will be administered to numb the area to be treated and alleviate some of the pain
  • Treatment will be provided according to the situation: if it’s an infection the area will be cleaned with antibacterial gels and all bacteria removed, if it’s a broken or fractured tooth, then it will be repaired if possible with a restorative procedure or extracted if there is no other solution.

If your injury is extensive, a temporary solution may be used to treat the problem during the emergency visit, and avoiding further damage or pain. Additional visits may be needed to solve the problem and complete the treatment successfully.

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If you have suffered a trauma or accident or are experiencing dental pain, don’t wait too long to seek help. Call our office today! Our team at Polaris Dental Care provide emergency exams to treat any injury or issue as early as possible to avoid any further damage and alleviate your pain. We have three dental offices for your convenience: Columbus (near Westerville on Polaris Parkway), Grandview (Downtown Columbus), and South Vienna (convenient to Springfield and London).

What our patient says

"I have been treated like family by the entire dental team since day one. Dr. Khan has excellent bedside manner, and he takes the time to listen to my needs and concerns as a patient. He is honest about what I(patient) need verses what I want cosmetically, lol! The entire team has been very supportive of me during my family crisis. There have been times when I have missed appointments and forgot to cancel within 24 hours…..I could go on and on. Bottom line is….I am blessed to have such a great Dentist and dental family. They take excellent care of me."