Mouth Guards

Protect Teeth with a Mouth Guard in Columbus

Athletic MouthguardsMouth guards are devices that help protect your teeth from injury either from contact sports or constant grinding and clenching. Kids and adults that participate in contact sports are in greater danger of suffering an injury to the mouth or teeth, and that is why a mouth guard is an essential part of their protective gear. A mouth guard can also be helpful in cases of bruxism because they provide a cushion and stop the wearing off of the teeth from the constant clenching or grinding.

Types of Mouth Guards

Stock Mouth Guards

These mouth guards are available in sports stores and pharmacies and come with a pre-form shape. This type can be uncomfortable to wear as it does not adjust to your bite and can be bulky.

Boil and Bite Mouth Guards

These mouth guards can be bought in sports stores or pharmacies and come with a pre-form shape. They can be altered to fit better once it’s put in boiling water to soften the material to adjust to your bite. These mouth guards provide better protection and more comfort than a regular store-bought mouth guard but still do not guarantee a fit as good as a custom-made mouth guard.

Custom-Made Mouth Guards

These mouth guards are made especially for you. Your dentist will take an impression of your teeth and send them to a lab where a mouth guard will be created from those measurements. This type will provide the best fit and protection and is the most comfortable to wear during sporting activities or sleeping.

Do you Grind Teeth or Have Children that Play Sports?

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