Same-Day Dental Crowns

Quick Tooth Caps in Columbus

Dental PatientWhen a tooth is suffering from a severe dental problem that is beyond other restorative treatments, a dental crown can be the solution. Patients who have a broken tooth, or severely decayed teeth or need dental implants may benefit from dental crowns. A crown is a type of “cap” that is positioned over a tooth to restore its appearance, shape, size and also regain functionality.

Crowns can be made out of different materials, gold and silver crowns were widely used in the past, but ceramic and porcelain crowns are being preferred now because they match the color of natural teeth making the crowns undetectable.

Advantages of Same Day Crowns

  • Procedure is done in one visit that lasts just a couple of hours
  • Latest technology is used to create your crowns
  • No metal crowns
  • Undetectable – we use ceramic crowns to give you natural colored options
  • Can help preserve more natural tooth than with a metal crown.

Same Day Crowns Procedure

  • Your doctor examines your teeth to determine which ones need crowns
  • Digital images of your teeth are taken with a special camera
  • The images are sent to the computer where your crown is designed using a 3D model
  • The crown design is sent to the CAM machine where your crown is created in less than an hour
  • Once the crown is ready, it is cemented to your tooth, and the procedure is completed.

Good oral hygiene is strongly recommended to maintain your dental health and your crowns in a good state and make them last for decades.

Need a Tooth Crown?

If you need a dental crown, our team is ready to fit you with a dental crown in just one visit. Call Polaris Dental Care at (614) 758-6522 to schedule an appointment today!

What our patient says

"My wife and I spent a long time looking for a good dentist and are very happy to have found Polaris Dental. The staff is always personal and friendly. We've never waited in the lobby for more than a few minutes. Most importantly, the dental work is fast and painless and we have never felt like we received an unnecessary procedure. Also, they are very straightforward about expenses. They work with our insurance company and discuss with us before incurring any extra costs. Highly recommended."