Scaling and Root Planing

Deep Cleaning in Columbus, Ohio

Gentle CareScaling and Root Planning procedures are needed to treat gum disease when tartar and plaque are not removed and get inside the gums. If not cleaned properly, your gums will become inflamed and infected, and bone and tooth loss can occur if not treated in time. Scaling and root planning are a form of deep cleaning that tries to thoroughly clean the gums and inside of the gums so no bacteria can grow and create infections that threaten your dental health.

Scaling and Root Planning Procedure

  • A dentist will examine your teeth and gums to determine the state of your gums
  • A local anesthetic is administered to numb the area for treatment
  • During the scaling part, tartar and plaque are removed from below and above the gum line, making sure your gums and gum pockets are thoroughly cleaned
  • During the root planning part, the roots of your teeth are smoothened so that the now cleaned gums can reattach to your teeth.

Depending on the severity of your situation, the scaling and root planning treatment can take more than one visit. You might experience some bleeding, swelling and discomfort after the procedure for a couple of days, which should be treated with ice packs and pain medication prescribed by your dentist.

Good oral hygiene is strongly recommended to maintain your gums and teeth healthy and free from plaque and tartar that causes infections and decay. Scheduling professional dental cleanings and routine checkups twice a year can help catch gum disease on time and start treatment as soon as possible.

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