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What Our Actual Patients Say

"My wife and I spent a long time looking for a good dentist and are very happy to have found Polaris Dental. The staff is always personal and friendly. We've never waited in the lobby for more than a few minutes. Most importantly, the dental work is fast and painless and we have never felt like we received an unnecessary procedure. Also, they are very straightforward about expenses. They work with our insurance company and discuss with us before incurring any extra costs. Highly recommended."
- Chris
"Dr. Khan is an excellent dentist, does good work, is efficient and courteous. His staff is always pleasant and helpful. "
- Bruce
"I really appreciate the timely manner that I am seen in this office. The new equipment makes the experience as painless as possible and Dr Khan and his staff are very friendly and accommodating."
- Michele
"Very courteous, very friendly especially the receptionist. Dr.Khan explained the procedure very well and everything turned out as expected. It has been years since I last was seen by a dentist however now that I have an office that I like I will be a good patient and follow my care as required."
- Stephen
"Dr. Khan is very thorough and pays great attention to detail. He takes the time to explain my dental health status and recommendations for improvement. The office staff is very courteous and professional. They make me feel welcome and that they are concerned with my dental care."
- Jack
"I have been treated like family by the entire dental team since day one. Dr. Khan has excellent bedside manner, and he takes the time to listen to my needs and concerns as a patient. He is honest about what I(patient) need verses what I want cosmetically, lol! The entire team has been very supportive of me during my family crisis. There have been times when I have missed appointments and forgot to cancel within 24 hours…..I could go on and on. Bottom line is….I am blessed to have such a great Dentist and dental family. They take excellent care of me."
- Chrissy
"I drove past Polaris Dental when they were closed, and called the number on their building. As soon as they opened the next day, I received a call and scheduled an appointment for that same day. I showed up a few minutes early, and was completely done with a full cleaning, x-rays, and check up in less than an hour. The whole staff were courteous and very efficient. I would highly recommend Polaris Dental."
- Eric
"I loved the friendly and comfortable atmosphere! This was my first appointment and I have already made multiple recommendations to my family and friends. I was very impressed with the technology utilized in the office and the friendly faces! Everyone I met throughout the office was extremely friendly and really added to my overall experience. I am very impressed with the office!"
"Visiting Polaris Dental Care is always a treat. They consistently go above and beyond to ensure you feel as though you’re a valued customer. I’ve not experienced a staff as professional, personable, or efficient as those who work on the Polaris Dental Care Team. To say that I’ve been impressed is an understatement. They’re simply the best."
- B. W.
"The staff was great and the entire office treated me, a new patient, like I was a regular there! Very nice and friendly staff!!!!"
- Anna
"Dr. Khan is very friendly and honest. He was interested in recommending what was best for me. The dental hygienist gave me great info before I even saw the dentist. And the receptionist was friendly that we ended up chatting. Great experience. I will recommend."
- Heather
"Very pleased with the details I was furnished from the time my appointment began to when I left. The entire staff was very friendly and very detailed in their explanations."
- Willard
"Everyone is very friendly, there is practically no waiting time, and my care there has been excellent. "
- Mary
"The office is pleasant and comfortable and the staff are friendly and helpful. It is technologically up to date. The service was great, friendly, caring, professional, and light. Everyone at this office was polite and easy to be around. They are knowledgeable and helpful and thorough."
- Kristen
"I liked the attention to detail and the technology that the office staff and the hygienist used to interact with me."
- Stacy
"First time here. Office is easily accessible from 40. The staff is friendly and professional. The waiting room felt like home. Easy to feel comfortable waiting to get work done."
- Thurmar
"Very pleasant. Very nice very caring and gentle"
- Alan
"I love the staff!! There very nice and it feels so homie when your in there.(:"
- Amber
"Painless, modern and friendly! Great dental office. Its been there maybe a year or so but i just saw it on google finally. Its VERY cozy but modern and very comfortable inside, and the staff is wonderful. They are caring and take there time. Ive been to a few other offices in the springfield and london area and this one blows them out of the water. Dr Khan is amazing and the other doc is also really good i hear. It was friendly, clean, comfortable and PAINLESS! I recommend everyone try them out, thanks guys! :)""